In the mornings:  Please pull all the way to the far end of the drop off area before allowing your child out of your vehicle.  Children should exit and enter from the RIGHT side of the vehicle only. Cars should circle through this area and stop only long enough to load or unload students.    Please pull away promptly when your child has exited the vehicle (but DO NOT pass another stopped vehicle). This lane is designed for driving through and dropping students off.  Due to significant safety issues, if a parent would like to park and walk the student to the door (only students may enter this door) they MUST PARK IN THE LOWER LOT AND WALK UP THE HILL TO THE SIDEWALK.  Parking in the center area will not be permitted, as it requires you to walk in the line of traffic and has caused many safety concerns. 

In the afternoons:  Please line up and wait according the signs posted in the back.  Staff members will begin calling students promptly at 3:00.  Please say the name of the child you are picking up clearly and then pull to the assigned space number given to you.  Your student should load quickly and then wait for all cars to pull away together. 

Staff members are on duty from 7:45-8:15 in the morning and 3:00-3:15 in the afternoons. At all times, please follow the direction of staff members who are directing the arrival and dismissal process. Talk with your child about going directly to and from the sidewalk and not walk in and around cars.  In general, assume that a child may be at or near your vehicle, and use every precaution to ensure that they are not injured.