Hogwarts 101 @ AES

Students stand behind display table

Fifth grade GATE students participated in a Harry Potter book study club. The students challenged each other with trivia questions for each book, studied name origins of the various characters and creatures, acted out favorite scenes, and compared and contrasted selected scenes from the books and movies. Students joined Pottermore and were sorted in to houses at Hogwarts based on their personality traits and took a variety of on-line quizzes. The students celebrated with Harry Potter themed foods such as cockroach clusters, butter beer, pumpkin juice, Dumbledore's lemon drops, cauldron cakes, Deathly Hallow shortbread cookies, Bernie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, and chocolate wands. Students created ABC books and Power Point presentations about the books focusing on figurative language. AES GATE students shared how the series has impacted them and all agreed that this is a series that should and will be enjoyed by future generations to come.