AES Cafeteria Team

Joyce Stevens, Manager

Terisa Gobble
Merrie Labbe
Mollie Sullins

Abingdon Elementary School offers a breakfast and a hot lunch program administered by a registered dietitian.

Parents are always welcome to eat lunch with their children.

Abingdon Elementary uses a great new service to prepay for your child's school breakfast, lunch and a la carte items using your credit card or debit card. My School Bucks

Breakfast and Lunch Prices

Full price student:  $1.25
Reduced student:  $0.30
Staff:  $2.25
Visitors:  $2.75
Milk:  $0.50

Full price student:  $2.05
Reduced student:  $0.40
Staff:  $3.50
Visitor:  $3.95
Milk:  $0.50

*Reduced price meals and free meals are provided for those students who meet eligibility requirements.